About Us


Blooming Moment was established in 2016. It is the first eternity soap flower store in San Francisco.

What is Soap Flower?

A unique gift of essential oil of bath soap flowers.

- scented bath soap petals
- all natural bath soap petals for hand washing or bathing
- free of artificial colors or dyes and formed with natural ingredients
- perfect gift for the special one

How to use Soap Flower:

As mentioned, Soap petals can be used for making hand soap and bathing.

- Put 1/2-1/3 flower petal into the palms and rub with water to bubble for hand washing.
- Use 5-9 flower petals in a bath tub. When dissolve completely, you can enjoy a romantic bath with candles.

What's the difference between regular flowers and soap flowers?

First of all, soap flowers are forever flowers. Forever flowers represent eternal love.

The freshness and smell of regular flowers only lasts for a few days. Soap flowers can last more than 3 years and have a long lasting scent. While it can be used for home decor, it can eventually be used as soap. The petals on soap flowers are very much alike to regular flowers.

Here's a list of products we currently carry:

- Soap Flowers
- Preserved Flowers
- Silk Flowers

Here's a list of services that we currently provide:

- Flower bouquet arrangement
- Center piece for decoration
- Wedding - Bridal bouquet, Centerpiece, Shower Decorations
- Birthday - Flower gift box
- Baby Shower - Party Decorations
- Retail Display
- Party - Decoration service, invitation design and printing

Please contact us for more details and additional services.

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