• Blue Soap Rose And Baby's Breath Bouquet with Gift Bag

A delight bouquet of soap roses in two shades of blue surrounded by baby's breath. Bouquet is wrapped in layered gift paper and tied with a ribbon. Soap roses, while having the look of fresh roses, will last much longer as decor. Baby's Breath will dry and preserve naturally without need for any care.  Bouquet comes with a gift bag.

Each soap rose can be taken apart for its soap pedals. Half a pedal can be used for each hand wash and 3-5 (or more) can be used for baths.

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Blue Soap Rose And Baby's Breath Bouquet with Gift Bag

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What is soap Flower?

A unique Gift Pack Of Essential Oil Bath Bath Soap Flowers!

-Scented Bath Soap Petals
-All natural bath soap petals for hand washing or bathing.
-Free of artificial colors or dyes. Formed with all natural ingredients.
-A perfect gift for the special one in your life or yourself.


Soap Petals can be used for hand washing, bath.
Put the flowers of a little (1/3-1/2) into the palm, rub with water to bubble, wash your hands.
Use 5-9 flowers in a bath tub, when dissolve it completely, you can enjoy a romantic bathing.