• Fall Themed Soap Flower Basket

A beautiful basket of fall themed soap flowers and fall decorative pieces. Soap flowers include sunflowers, white carnations, and a variety of soap roses in fall colors (peach, fire yellow, champagne). Accompanying the soap flowers are decorative corn, a mini pumpkin figurine, sprays of preserved natural flowers and artificial greenery.

This piece can last months to years as decor. When you would like to take it apart, each soap bud (rose, carnation, sunflower) can be taken apart for its pedals. Soap pedals can be sprinkled into a bath as bath soap or left along a sink for guests to use as hand soap.

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Fall Themed Soap Flower Basket

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  • Because The Problem of Light Photography and Screen Resolution, The Objects May Have a Slight Color Difference, Also The Design, Pattern or color of the flower packaging and gift box will be randomly assigned according to our packaging supply. Please Consider Before Purchase.
  • If you really want the exact packaging from our pictures, you could email: order@bloomingmomentflorist.com with your order number and picture, to make sure we are able to send you the exact packaging you want with your flowers.
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What is soap Flower?

A unique Gift Pack Of Essential Oil Bath Bath Soap Flowers!

-Scented Bath Soap Petals
-All natural bath soap petals for hand washing or bathing.
-Free of artificial colors or dyes. Formed with all natural ingredients.
-A perfect gift for the special one in your life or yourself.


Soap Petals can be used for hand washing, bath.
Put the flowers of a little (1/3-1/2) into the palm, rub with water to bubble, wash your hands.
Use 5-9 flowers in a bath tub, when dissolve it completely, you can enjoy a romantic bathing.